The new Frontier of Gaming Performance.  Graphics Cards within this tier can comfortably run most AAA games in 5K at High Refresh Rates, and 8K60Hz should be doable with ease. Even gaming on a 4K160Hz display should be doable at Ultra Settings. Don't even bother with this tier unless you have a high end CPUs and Monitor.

To put it simply - "4K is the new 1080p" for modern enthusiast Graphics Cards.  GPUs within this tier should be able to runs games in 4K above 120Hz, or in 5K above 60Hz!  Even 8K60Hz gaming should be achievable in almost every AAA game.

Graphics Cards in this tier are above the performance of even most High End cards. Buy into this tier if you want to easily play in 4K at high framrerates, or above 180Hz in 1440p.  This is when diminishing returns in Price/Performance typically heavily kick in…but hey - life is short! :)

Welcome to High End Gaming! Last gen console resolutions like 1080p legitimately hold back GPUs in this tier no matter the framerate you are aiming for! From here on out you need a high resolution display to make the most of your GPU.  Even 1440p is easy max out well above 144Hz in most AAA games with cards from this tier.

At this tier, you have more than enough performance at your disposal to game well at any resolution below 5K.  You may need to turn down settings in some games to make 4K work above 100Hz, but at the same time new features like FSR & DLSS are also there to make a 4K120Hz display pair well with cards from this tier.

This is the tier where things start getting fun if you like Eye Candy.  At this tier you can easily game in 1080p above 120 FPS, game above 60Hz in 1440p, and run lighter games in 4K.  You are gaming better than most people.

"Mainstream" GPUs offer solid performance that shouldn't leave anyone who owns one feeling like a "peasant".  Feel free to turn up most settings in 1440p, game above 100Hz in 1080p if you turn down some settings, or even run your old titles in 4K. You've got a real GPU!

Lowend cards are nothing to brag about, but we suspect many people would actually be quite happy with this level of performance if they stay off the epeen reddits.  These GPUs can play many games in 1440p with reasonable settings, and almost no game should be hard to run in 1080p.

Entry Gaming Graphics Cards are a step above what we consider the "minimum", but they usually require compromises to hit 60Hz. Most games should hit 1080p60Hz after turning down many settings, and you can usually game above 100Hz in "Esports" titles below 1080p.

This is the minimum level of performance we can even consider recommending for enjoyable PC Gaming. This tier of cards should allow you to play in 1080p at acceptable framerates in older titles, and it should be hard to find a game you can't play at 60 FPS in 720p.

11-11 Res Grading.png
11-11 FPS Grading.png